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no . man . ic is transient.

I​t’s a culmination of embracing ones nomadic self and exploring the world.

Tara Tarapetian's debut collection is influenced by a medley of cultures, from literature and art to music. The most efficacious influence derives from the literary works from J.D Salinger's 'The Catcher in the Rye' and it's rebellious protagonist, Holden Caulfield - The ultimate anti-hero. Juxtaposing the tragic naivety of an adolescent mind with outlandish surreal ideologies of Dali.

Tara Tarapetian has adopted an urban camouflage of subtle tones to reinforce undulating geometric surface patterns with 3D structures, accompanied by natural luxurious fabrics and ethically cultivated Amazon Pirarucu fish leather.

A.W.O.L is a lifestyle. With an empowered structured silhouette it has a utilitarian essence. With direct influence from WWII S.O.E British army desert attire - proving self preservation eminent.

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